Recent Microsoft security update could damage Windows 7 OS

Microsoft released a security update for last week’s Patch Tuesday that is crashing some machines running Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Vista operating systems.  After installing the update some machines enter into a continuous cycle of reboots and/or after the initial reboot users are unable to load Windows (Blue Screen errors have been reported).  This update was to fix an issue in order to prevent unauthorized control of the computer by login credentials being compromised.

Microsoft recommends uninstalling this update if your computer reboots successfully and can load Windows. If not, there are other options such as a system restore, an advanced command prompt or using the Windows7 installation CD to repair the OS.  Below is an article from website detailing the particular update and instructions on the recommended steps to resolve a broken operating system.  As reported, some user’s are not experiencing any issues, but may want to uninstall the update just to be certain.  It has been noted that it may have direct effects with certain 3rd party antivirus applications such as Kaspersky Labs.

Here is the arcticle from more details – Click Here

Here is another article with information from Network World website – Click Here

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