Cyber Attacks on Smartphone devices expected to escalate

worldAccording to Cyber Security firm “Trend Micro”, malware & virus infections on Smartphone devices are expected to increase in 2013. More of these devices are being used today and they are becoming increasingly powerful in connecting to outlets over Cyber Space.  This gives attackers more motivation to exploit their weaknesses, especially when these devices are used for functions such as making mobile payments, accessing bank accounts, connecting to other devices via Bluetooth, and more.

Also, security analysts expect a growing concern with “ransomware” attacks, which are described as malware infections that take control of the phone and it’s data until the owner pays money or a “ransom” to gain back control. The Android OS has been most targeted, but experts also predict an increase of attacks on iPhone OS devices.

For more information, please check this article by Trend Micro Security Newsletter – Click Here

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