"6 strikes" anti-piracy policy to be enforced by several ISPs

"6 strikes" anti-piracy policy to be enforced by several ISPs

Internet service providers are to launch a “6 strikes” anti-piracy system, known as the Copyright Alert System, to help steer users away from sharing content that is copy-righted.  ISPs will be required to warn and educate their customers on the use of copyrighted content. Some ways of enforcing will be by sending warning messages, regulating internet speed,  and sending users to temporary landing pages for responding to the ISP request.  These warnings are for educational purposes, and not meant to punish users.

The CCI (Center for Copyright Information) is the organization behind the Copyright Alert System and states that there will not be any monitoring of Internet traffic and this policy applies only to P2P networks and not basic/general Internet use. 5 major players in the industry are involved, with AT&T, CableVision, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, andVerizon all taking part in the system.  This system will likely bring up issues on privacy and fair legal sharing, and how will this affect public networks or businesses that offer users free Wi-Fi.  We guess, time will tell.

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