Stay protected online during the Holidays

Stay protected online during the Holidays

Security software firm “TrendMicro” offers some advice and tips to protect yourself with Holiday shopping online and using public Wi-Fi while traveling.

Using an updated web browser, having security software on your computer, confirming legitimate sites that are using HTTPS, not using debit cards for online shopping, and keeping system up to date with latest security patches are just a few tips offered in the article below.

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Also, users need to be aware of security when using your Hotel Network while traveling.  According to the FBI, there has been a recent increase of Malware accidently downloaded by hotel guests using a pop-up message tricking them to update a piece of software after logging into the hotel Wi-Fi network.
Users must also be careful when using open networks in places such as cafes, airports.etc and not to log into online bank accounts or make any online purchases.

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