Security Tips for Tablet Devices

The recent release of the new  iPad Mini,  is a good opportunity to remind us of  the importance of device security. Security experts from “TrendMicro” offer some good tips for user via their security blogs.

Technology advances enabled tables to perform as well or better than a standard workstation and with this increase of CPU power comes the extra need for protection.  These devices have access to email, websites, social networking sites, etc. and need to be secured just as a standard PC’s, MACs, and smart phones.

Users must be  aware of phishing scams, malware, and malicious email or spam while working on tablets, and be cautious when downloading applications.  Locking down device with strong passwords, using extra caution when connecting to public Wi-Fi’s, and overall awareness and vigilance is always a good idea. For additional security tips click link below provided by TrendMicros

Security Blog – Click Here

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