Disaster proofing your IT infrastructure

Hurricane Sandy recently reminded us of the importance of emergency preparedness.  During a natural disaster, data centers could be knocked offline and become inaccessible, servers could become inoperative; workspaces and equipment could get damaged.

Losing these key business resources could be detrimental for any business be it a large corporation or a small company and could cost thousands of dollars in loss of revenue, replacement cost, etc.

Disaster preparedness should not be taken lightly when companies are dependent on networks, servers, computers, data storage, etc. Business owners and IT managers must have a plan in place to prepare for such events to mitigate losses. Backup power, offsite data backups, fail-over servers, utility workstations (backup cpu’s) and a ready and available IT staff, are all integral part of a disaster preparedness plan.

A recent article on Network World discusses this topic in detail. Click here to read

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