1 Million Apple device IDs leaked

1 Million Apple device IDs leaked

Recent Updated Report – Sources state that Data stolen was not from FBI sources, but from an App publishing company  “BlueToad” and from it’s servers.  More updated information can be read here on a recent article by Yahoo – http://news.yahoo.com/leaked-apple-ids-came-publishing-company-not-fbi-181503198.html

An anonymous group of hackers claims to have access to millions of unique Apple device identification numbers (UDIDs) for gadgets such as iPhones, iPads and iPods. According to the group the data was obtained from FBI sources and their primary objective was to bring light to the government’s data collecting effort. For more information on this topic and how to protect your UDID, please see these two articles below:

From Yahoo Technology News: 


From Network World (which also includes how to locate your UDID):