Apple iPhone 5 getting hardware makeover.

Apple announced it will give its new generation iPhone a new makeover

The upcoming iPhone 5, scheduled to be released around October will feature a new sleek 19-pin connector port that will replace the current 30-pin port to make room for an earphone connection at the bottom of the device. The new design will also give Apple more breathing room to accommodate a bigger battery if need be.

More connections, bigger battery life? What’s the catch?  The new 19-pin connector port will not be compatible with the myriad of accessories currently on the market,  such as speakers and power chargers that form part of the ecosystem around iPods, iPads and iPhone. That means you would need to purchase an additional adaptor to continue using those peripherals or upgrade to new ones.

More news on the new iPhone version could be found here in this article by Yahoo Tech news–finance.html

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