What is a Blade Server?

Blade Servers are machines that pack big punch into smaller physical spaces. They are very similar to rack mount servers, but even more compact in size. These servers use a “blade” chassis or enclosures which accommodate the blade servers that help supply cooling and power, as well as provide connection to devices.

These types of servers are often dedicated to one single application or task. The server’s smaller and compact design is a good choice for businesses with limited space and also helps cut down on energy consumption.  The servers are highly customizable and can have many hardware components removed that usually are found in standard rack-mount servers.

Blade servers can be a good option for businesses that require multiple servers to meet their operating needs.

Here is an article from Network World describing the Blade Server in more detail: http://www.networkworld.com/columnists/2012/032612-cdw-blade-servers.html


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