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Keep  employees and systems performing at peak productivity!

Every network has that one user.  While responsible to hold down the forth for a critical area of your business, they listen to internet radio, watch Netflix over lunch, update Facebook on the hour, have Instant Messenger running and attending three live auctions on EBay all the while loudly voicing that the computer network seems slow today.

What remedies are available? Best practices recommends you implement an Internet Gateway Security device, create and deploy custom Network Group Policies and review all security access for each workstation and shared data resources. There are additional levels of security implementations prescribed if you are in the Financial or Healthcare sector.  For small businesses on tight budgets however this route is most often too expensive and unfeasible to implement.

ProLogic IT understands the predicament faced by small businesses and designed an alternative, equally effective, cost sensible solution.  Our solution blocks Internet sites and/or programs as needed on a machine by machine, user by user basis. When a user tries to access a blocked site or program they are redirected to our Security Redirect Page. No expensive hardware or software to purchase, no down time to install and we can customize the blocked sites and programs to your specifications that can be modified at a moment’s notice by you.  

Keeping your employees productive and your systems performing at peak is critical to the success of your business. Keeping your IT cost down while maximizing productivity is not a dream; it is a reality with ProLogic IT.

ProLogic IT, we don’t just manage IT
we make a difference with IT.

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