"Internet Doomsday" could affect thousands due to DNSChanger Malware

"Internet Doomsday" could affect thousands due to DNSChanger Malware

Thousands of people may lose their internet service this Monday (07/09/12) what is being  reffered to “Internet doomsday”,  due to a recent Malware attack directly affecting DNS settings.

This DNS Changer malware has infected PCs, Macs, and routers around the globe and basically acts as a hijacker of web traffic and could re-route internet users to potentially compromised websites.

Social networking sites (i.e. Facebook), Google, and some ISP’s have been warning users and are working on offering solutions to correct the problem.

There are several ways for user’s to detect and correct problems if  Malware breached their units. Below are a couple links that offer detailed information on this topic and corrective steps available for user.



If you suspect your computer has been compromised contact ProLogic IT technical support immediately at 714 903-2153 x2.