What is Cloud Computing?

What is Cloud Computing?

IT_infoCloud computing service is essentially the process of delivering computing services, application deployment and storage capacity services to a community of end users (both individuals and businesses).
 This involves delivering hosted services via the Internet. The name was stimulated by the cloud symbol often used in network flow charts.

Clients trust and rely on their “cloud” with their data, software applications, and computing services within a network.  They can access their data through online services such as a web browser,desktop/mobile app, etc. as their software and/or  critical data is stored at a remote location.  There are different platforms to accommodate a wide range of business models, from public cloud, private cloud, community cloud, etc.

Cloud computing allows business IT services to manage offsite applications and data while providing day to day desktop support services.  Your IT support provider can take extra measures for security, availability, privacy, and compliance regulations.  We can provide IT solutions to assist in different aspects of the cloud technology.

Here are a few useful links that provide more detailed information.