Glossary IT Primer

A list of common IT terminology used in communications throughout the industry. Telco to ISP, these are terms you need to understand in order to more fully comprehend and manage your companies IT billing, infrastructure and integration.

These terms are also highly useful in understanding configuration changes necessitated while traveling using mobile devices and laptop machines.

  • Bandwidth– Amount of actual data that can be handled by a connection
  • BBS– Bulletin Board System
  • Binary– Consisting entirely of ones and zeroes
  • Blog – Web Log
    (A journal that is available only on the web)
  • Cookie– Information sent by a Web Server to a Web Browser that the browser is expected to save, then send information back to the Web Server
  • DHCP – Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
    (Protocol where machines obtain an IP address)
  • DNS – Domain Name System
    (Translates domain names into IP numbers)
  • Exchange – Microsoft Exchange
    (host emails, calendaring, filters mail, public folders, auto-responders)
  • Firewall– Hardware or software that separates a network into security zones
  • FTP – File Transfer Protocol
    (to move files between machines over the Internet)
  • Gateway– Connection to another network
  • Internet– A connection of two or more networks
  • Intranet– A private network
  • IP– Shorthand reference to TCP/IP
  • ISA – Microsoft Internet Security Accelerator
    (Security software that resides on a gateway server)
  • ISP – Internet Service Provider
    (provides the Internet service to your business)
  • LAN– Local Area Network
  • POP3– Protocol used to receive email
  • POTS– Plain Old Telephone Service
  • SMTP– Protocol used to send email
  • SQL– Structured Query Language
  • SQL Server– Server hosting a SQL database
  • IT– Information Technologies
  • Router– Device used to connect LANs to other LANs
  • Switch– Device used to connect devices to a LAN
  • TCO– Total Cost of Ownership
  • TCPIP– Network protocol that the Internet is based on
  • Telco– Telephone Company
  • VOIP– Voice Over IP
  • WAN– Wide Area Network
  • WLAN– Wireless Local Area Network
  • Webmaster – Web designer and possibly programmer

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